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Ham~N~Eggs Farm and Hatchery                      at Poultry Paradise
776 Yates Rd.
Barney Ga. 31625

Farm Tours daily 9-6

Welcome to "Ham~N~Eggs Farm and Hatchery" at "Poultry Paradise".  We are a family owned and operated poultry farm and hatchery, located in So. Georgia, 18 miles from Valdosta, Ga.  Co-Owners,  Laura Perkins and Steven Bailey, along with, their families, hatch and raise poultry and waterfowl. We raise our birds as naturally as possible. We use no medications, wormers, antibiotics or additives. We have devised our own all-natural formula called "Poultry Paradise Chicken Cock-Tail"  to keep our birds healthy, because it is all natural there is no withdrawal period. The natural ingredients found in apple cider vinegar, garlic and plain yogurt are all we use to maintain our birds health.

You'll find thousands of ducks, chickens, guineas, turkeys and quail to choose from......... it truly is a poultry "paradise". 

Please visit our other website at www.localharvest.com

Also residing in "Paradise"

Pekin, Indian Runner and Blue Swedish ducks

Dominecker, Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire Red chickens

White Giant and Bronze Breasted Turkeys

Bobwhite, Courtunix and Pharoah Quail

India Blue Peafowl

African Geese


California White Meat Rabbits



Live Or Dressed, We'll do everythin 'cept cook em!!

Flying Mallards

Rhode Island Reds

Bronze Breasted Turkeys


Baby Mallards

Baby chicks

Come and Visit, Stay a while!!!! We offer farm tours to schools (by appt.) and families during daylight hours.


Guinea Hens

All birds subject to availability.

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